Written by Zago
Published on 2020-11-07 09:42:31
Last edited on 2021-03-04 15:53:46
The Retro Web now has a UT99 DeathMatch server
Adding "Gaming" to the retro with a UT'99, Quake III Arena and Doom server
Quick PSA: we now have a UT '99/Quake III Arena/Doom server. Feel free to frag at game01.theretroweb.com

Not much to say: we're all gamers deep inside. That's why I decided to make sure everyone could have some nostalgic fun with a dedicated instance of Unreal Tournament 99 DeathMatch, along with Quake III Arena and Doom
No mods applied, just vanilla UT99 for y'all. The server is patched to version 451, but I suggest using 436 for clients. For the moment, I don't expect a huge mass of players, so the game is set for the "Small Maps" list.
PS: Connecting to the UT99 server might be problematic: it might throw a Package 'de' version mismatch error. First, make sure your UT99 install is patched to version 436. Head to /System and delete de.u and de.int, then open UnrealTournament.ini in a text editor, search for the line which contains ServerPackages=de and delete it. Launch the game and join the server, it will download the updated files.
Doom is playable using the Zandronum source port.

Server address: game01.theretroweb.com
Feel free to contact me if you want to suggest anything or if you need help setting up your client.



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