The Retro Web and Ultimate Retro are joining forces!

Mashing together one of the largest hardware databases online with a modern and proven user experience, for The Ultimate Retro Web™ experience!

As already stated a while back on our Discord server, the massive hardware database from Ultimate Retro (previously known as Ultimate Hardware 2019) is merging with the user experience provided by The Retro Web.
This decision came in after life got in the way and started proving difficult to provide well-deserved continuous development efforts for this project. By joining the teams, we are gaining two more active developers, two impressive knowledge sources and an even larger supporters’ community.
Rest assured, if you are investing your own money on us, it won’t go to waste, as it will be used for sustaining the technical infrastructure and as a moral reminder to keep us going and make you people happy and satisfied.
The project will maintain the current domain, but there may be some breaking changes because of the new underlying content management engine, so make sure to check your links, bookmarks and similar after we go live in our new form.

Since some links are missing or out of date, here’s a quick list:

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